About Atraxura

I am an artist, photographer and (sometimes) writer. I forge my work in the intense flames of my ire, as a weapon to defend my choleric and rather uncongenial nature. Art is not a peaceful, passive or “calming” activity for me — all of those things disgust me, and I attack these concepts in my work. I don't do this to "calm down" or to "get rid of" anger. Conversely, I do it to feed the fire, and to communicate my perspective in a more powerful, profound way which reaches more people.

Hostility is my “happy” place, and my work is a great source of rage and intense eustress, which I thrive upon. It is adrenalizing and arousing of competitive and combative hunger. I aspire to ride an eternal zenith of intensity ever upward.

Horror inspires me on the aesthetic level. I am drawn to the intense feelings it can evoke. I love high-energy excitement and intensity, not calm or complacent “happiness”, which I find stagnant and antithetical. I want everything I do (in life as well as art) to reflect powerful, high-octave intensity.